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What's the first thing you do when you wake up, if the answer is Facebook then, this is selection of morning quotes for you. Let everyone know you are up and wake.
So you have had a hard day at the office and 
relaxing at home on your Facebook. Time
 to say goodnight? Why not do it with some flare 
and creativeness. With one 'good night' statuses.
Butterflies in your stomach, or have a crush on 
someone or maybe you're just in love.If that's the 
case why not let the world of Facebook know 
why your feeling so happy and spread the Love. :-)
life facebook status funny facebook status creative facebook status
Life is a long journey of discovery with
 ups and downs at every turn. Lets us enjoy the 
good and bad times and embrace what 
life is all about learning and moving forward. 
Grab one of the FB life status. 'KEEP MOVING 
The Funny status, eveyone has one friend that 
spams your news feed with his or her funny 
status. Now it's your turn, browse the extensive 
selection of funny and lol. Grab one 
or grab two why not one for each day. ;-)
Stop pause and read these creative statuses, we
 have them all from the riddles of planet
 earth to grammar that twists in to more than
 one meaning. Give your FB status some logical flair
 for the day. ;-)
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candy crush your facebook review saga sunshine bay facebook fb cover game review coasterville facebook fb game review free
Candy Crush Saga Sunshine Bay CoasterVille
Currently the most popular game on facebook is the Candy Crush Saga from This catchy game is easy to learn and so additive you will find hours pass in the office as you hide in the corner pretending to be working for your boss. The main aim of the game is to match three or more coloured pieces of candy which gives you points... Sunshine Bay a beautiful designed game that allows you to manage your own seaside resort, taking care of its needs from building shopping centres to sending your customers away on long pleasure cruises. It's up to you to build a seaside resort that not only looks great, but runs smoothly and brings in the money... CoasterVille looks good doesn't it? well if you are like me and a big fan of the days spent playing the original games such as Theme Park and Roller Coaster tycoon then this is the game for you. The objective is very similar to that of the games from the past with the idea of bringing in customers and building a bigger better park...
candy crush your facebook review saga candy crush your facebook review saga coasterville facebook fb game review free
threadless tees facebook like page check out burger king bk facebook fan like page coca cola facebook fb like page fast food
Threadless t-shirts a brand started by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart who started the company with $1,000 of their own money back in 2000. Have managed to carve out a big name in the online world of t-shirts with regular promotions and designers from all around the world being... Burger King or BK for short was founded in 1954 by David Edgerton, James McLamore and at the time when Mcdonalds was growing as a brand BK started to take shape known for having some of the best burgers for a fast food... Founded back in 1940 by Maurice McDonald, Richard McDonald, the brand has gone global. It doesn't matter if you in London, New York, Dubai or Thailand you can always trust there will be a Mcdonalds near by. The face of Ronald Mcdonald has started to move away frin the...
threadless tees facebook like page check out burger king bk facebook fan like page coca cola facebook fb like page fast food
facebook covers timeline
If you had to pick a favourite animal what would it be a cat, dog, shark or even spiders whatever you like why not put a cover photo and give your facebook page a wild side to it. Feel free to browse hundreds of designs and mix up your timeline cover from time to time. Cartoon cover photos from the early days of Danger Mouse all the way to your Ben 10. This is the place for you, bring back the old days with a classic cartoon or stay up-to-date with what's cool. Whatever you're looking for, if its cartoons you will be certain to find it here. Enjoy Design, it is everywhere and so why not have some creative flair on your facebook timeline cover photo, we have hundreds to choose from funny slogans to colourful patterns, to the crazy things you can do in Photoshop. If you like to design pick from here and be inspired.
It would not be right, not to have some of them random colours mashed together on one cover would it. Make sure to have a good look at the extensive abstract facebook covers, I'm certain one or two will catch your eye.
Gaming cover photos, whether you are into your playstation, xbox, wii and pc it doesn't matter we have the covers here. Give your timeline that gaming look with some action and share what you love. Lots to choose one so why not change it daily. ;-) Do we call this tab cars, planes, bikes, boats I wasn't  sure as we all like something different. So if you can drive it, expect to find it here. We have even including some of the wackiest vehicles here as well as the most expensive worth spending some time and picking out your ride.
facebook covers timeline
funny facebook photo newsfeed funny facebook photo newsfeed CAPTIONS SLOGANS funny animal facebook news feed
Those photos that make you laugh, the photos that make you have to click the share button after you've stopped laughing. This is the place to find those pictures sit back and have a good laugh, don't forget to share ;-)
Those funny slogans with pictures, what could be
 better turning moving    quotes into real
 life situations. Many of the classics slogans 
to go   with  pretty much everything prepare to 
have a good laugh on these beauties. 
Animals doing the craziest things and with a little
 help from photoshop we can really push
 your imagination. Have a good look at the cute, 
the ugly and the darn right stupid animals 
all with a little twist, Just click view, enjoy
 and share. ;-)
inspirational facebook photos news feed fb funny fail photos facebook newsfeed funny naughty text message facebook newsfeed joke laugh
Time to give you facebook some inspirational photos
 for friends and    family. Browse the extensive
 selection of photos we have and be inspired   
to do a little more today and spread the love.
The internet would be fun without the FAIL photos we
 all fail at some    stage some more than most,
 but not all of us get it on camera. For these
  people we have it on camera, prepare to 
laugh out loud at the magic of  failing in front
 of the camera.
Funny text messages, the magic of the iphone  that
 allows you to take a picture of your screen
 and in doing so we get  to see some funny 
conversations and the predicted text getting 
it all  wrong. Have a good read and fill in the blanks.